"The South's Finest Pear"


 Our History

    The "Perdue Pear" was discovered and developed in South Louisiana and has been researched by Louisiana State University. Our tree is being exclusively propagated by Texas Pecan Nursery for wholesale distribution, and retailed (online too) through Willis Orchard Company
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    The Perdue Pear is a large pear-shaped pear with a smooth, slightly-blotched skin that is greenish to greenish/yellow in color. The flesh is white, juicy, sweet, and very flavorful, with a noticeable lack of grit cells.
    The Perdue Pear Tree is a large tree that is very hardy and sturdy. The limbs grow on a wide angle from the trunk, and usually don’t require support.
     - Bears fruit annually.
     - Fire Blight has ever been observed.
     - Believed to be a self-pollinator (being tested to

     - Minimal chill hours required (200+).
     - Fruit matures in early August
       (continues to ripen/soften after being picked).
     - If you are from the South,

       this is an "Eating Pear",

       not a "Canning Pear"...





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